My eyebrows had been sparse due to a hair loss problem in that area and poor genetics. For about 15 years I had to draw them in everyday and then had to make sure nothing touched them. It was something I just accepted. Until three months ago when I saw Yelena.

Now my eyebrows are perfect and look more natural than what I had been doing. I drove three and a half hours to have her do my eyebrows and I have no regrets. I would drive 10 hours if I had to. Her prices are some of the best and her skills can't be beat. I did my research. She is THE BEST. She's professional, everything is spotless and she keeps applying the freezing, making it nearly a pleasant experience.

If you're considering it, go for it. It will changes your life. And without a lot of pain. What more could you ask for? It's the only face you get, let Yelena enhance your natural beauty.


Tanya Misener,