A long overdue review. I went to Yelena for a full make-up package (eyebrows, lips, upper/lower eyeliner and lips) about a year ago (early 2016) and she did a fantastic job! She took the utmost care to get just the right eyebrow shape, position, and colour. The work she did on my lips was phenomenal -- beautiful, natural, "3D" colour and she even corrected a small asymmetry on my lip line, improving the overall shape of my lips. I was so happy with the results that I referred one of my colleagues to her, who was also equally pleased. She has great availability (was able to get an appointment to see her within 2 weeks of my initial call, and she offers great value. Yelena's services are very reasonably priced compared to many other permanent makeup artists in the Toronto area.

Soo-Jung Che,