I am a professional in the industry and did thorough research before choosing my trainer. After searching for months, I am SO glad I chose Yelena. I flew from Miami to Toronto to take 4 days of advanced training (powder brows, hair stroke brows, lips, and eyeliner). Class size was small 1-2 students which I think is extremely important to ensure that all questions and concerns are answered. Each day was 7 hours, and she provided a delicious spread of snacks and lunch. Her studio is stunning, clean, modern, and is every permanent makeup artists dream. She covered everything from basics, to advanced techniques. I was confident when working on my models and she was always supervising us and making sure we were working properly. I left feeling extremely confident in my new services, and again I am so grateful I chose Yelena! If you are searching for a trainer, do not hesitate to go with Novaline Permanent Cosmetics!

Isabella Arias,