I am extremely happy I found Yelena- truly amazing, highly trained professional. She is a true artist! I have had negative experience previously and was very cautious about permanent makeup altogether. I own a med clinic in Vaughan, Philosophy of Beauty and see many clients daily. I was able to observe some horror works, with ugly shapes and colors, as well as amazing works with beautiful shapes and very natural looks. Turned out, all the beauties were from Yelena Popova. I asked each one of them how long results lasted, if it was painful, how many procedures they needed and all answered the same. I was intrigued by consistently positive reviews and results so I went to redo my eyebrows first and few weeks ago I got my lips redone. And to say that I was amazed is not to say anything! Yelena went above and beyond my expectations, the whole experience from beginning till end was wonderful and enjoying. Very good pain management strategies, I hardly felt anything, attention to detail, I got color I was dreaming about from the first shot and didn't need a touch up! Yelena herself is very warm and caring. I wake up every morning looking beautiful and no one believes I have tattoo as it looks so natural.

Dinara Shakirova,