Hello Yelena,
I have to say THANK YOU! I am very glad I had the chance to train with you. You are extremely patient and devoted to the art.

I feel that you have saved my Mom's eyebrows. That tail on her right brow has not looked good for 20 years. A late night with Yelena and she is transformed. You are amazing.

You were gracious not to shut the door on me when I arrived so late. We were so lost! I was relieved when we found you, and your reception was kind. You didn't even look at the clock, while we were training. You are very dedicated. I am impressed by you and your skill level. You stayed late and focused.

In my mind YOU ARE A MASTER.

My deepest gratitude and respect.
Danielle Garon

Danielle Garon, June 12, 2014