Dear Yelena, I still feel so mad for NOT HAVING MET YOU before! To say that I AM HAPPY with my new eyebrows is an understatement. But let me tell you something, I went to two places before... At Finch, I was super excited because of the idea of having my brows (and lips) look well for the first time. It should have been better particularly after the amount of money I spent. My brows looked asymmetrical and my lips were not fully touched-up the second time I went there. At Whitby, it was even worse since the professional knew about previous issues. It was frustrating because I still think that she did not understand the reason I went there for, even after I still needed to pencil the brows in everyday. What a waste of money, time and energy afterwards. Moreover, all this experience brought me complications between my husband and I because I had messed up with our money and I was still not satisfied. Bottom line: The results are not good, there is no money left and I need my brows to be fixed. I finally looked up Novaline Permanent Cosmetics and made an appointment. I have got to say, you are the most professional I have been to for this procedure. You recognized and understood my issues which made me feel that I was in good hands. You also made me believe that is possible to have wonderful brows even though you had to correct them which was not easy. I came in already for the touch-up and it still feels right. Thank you I feel more confident now and thank God there is no need to pencil my eyebrows in anymore. I cannot recommend you enough! Great Job!

Paula Pereira, Apr 2014