I am ONE of those who had BAD Make Up Tattoo done by one technician.
Yelena FIXED IT !!

My eyebrows were done in red, and colored in - no where close to Feathering technique. He also did my eyeliner - which is going to get fixed NEXT by Yelena Popova.

I did huge Reasearch on who can help me and i chose Yelena because SHE also TEACHES this - that gave me confidence in her skills.

Yelena Popova has HELPED ME and SAVED MY FACE - Literally .

When I came to her, i had little Hope with how i want my eyebrows to look, BUT Yelena gave me exactly what i wanted. It took me 6 month with Correction and Lazer Remover but it got job done.
I am glad that Yelena Popova talked me out of - PUTTING Skin color tattoo over the "bad eyebrows line" - I wanted to just get rid of it as soon as possible but she did talk me out. She explained that in the long run it will look terrible and she showed me the way.

I am very Happy that I did it. and IT DIDNT HURT!!!!! i was very comfortable to the point where i started to fall asleep.

I can now ENJOY my mornings and NOT Rush or Stress over : Uneven Lines, Husband , Rain or going to the Beach.
I now can concentrate on Life!

Welcome to the Future!!!! 🙂

Anja Paradox,