Permanent Makeup Treatments by Alexandra Holopov

Alexandra Holopov is Certified Permanent Makeup Artist at Nova Line Permanent Cosmetics.

About Alexandra

My name is Alexandra and I am a certified permanent makeup artist and find myself totally addicted to my job. I have completed Advanced Training for techniques of Permanent Makeup and Cosmetic Micro Pigmentation. I furthered my education with Advanced Permanent Makeup Techniques (such as Soft Shading, Eyeliner and LIps) at Nova Line Permanent Cosmetics by Elena Popova.
Since my childhood I have been always attracted to Art and created many Oil Paintings for my friends and family. This passion has led to my career in Permanent Makeup Industry. My goal is to understand your personality and notice natural beauty features in order to enhance it.


4 Responses

  1. Hi there...i am interested in coming in for a consultation on eyeliner pls.
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello Sharm! Thank you for booking your consultation with Alexandra! Best regards, Nova Line Permanent Cosmetics Team
      • Hi, I am very interested in having the lip blush tattoo but I have a very low pain tolerance and would need to know if you offer a medical grade anesthetic for the procedure to be comfortable? Thanks, Emily
        • Yelena Popova
          Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, we use the best professional medical grade topical numbing product. To book please email to: or call: 647-883-6251 Best regards, Yelena Popova, CPCP

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