Paramedical Treatments

Paramedical Micropigmentation is a series of permanent makeup procedures that can reduce the visibility of scars, skin grafts, and skin discoloration. Camouflaging or enhancing the appearance of an area of skin, Novaline Permanent Cosmetics is proud to offer these life-altering procedures that can also help with hair simulation, and nipple creation or re-pigmentation. It's important to note that paramedical micropigmentation is not intended to provide a medical treatment or cure any medical condition, it is simply a form of cosmetic tattooing, and one should always consult with their doctor to get a recommendation before undergoing any paramedical treatment.


Repigmentation & Scar Camouflage

For those who wish to reduce the visibility of scars, micropigmentation has the ability to break up the scar tissue and correct it with pigment application matching your skin tone so the scar becomes much less noticeable. At Novaline Permanent Cosmetics, we will take the time to speak with you about what you would like to accomplish from the procedures, and meticulously mix the exact right colour to match your skin tone using only the highest grade inks.

For optimum results, scars should be at least one year old and should be paler in colour than the surrounding skin. Individuals with loss of skin colour or those who have Vitiligo can also benefit from repigmentation procedures. Depending on the size of the area that needs to be tattooed, it may take multiple procedures to achieve the desired look, although many clients see significant results after just one procedure.


Areola Correction and Repigmentation

About 6-12 weeks after breast cancer surgery or breast implants/reduction, re-creation of an areola can be done in a way that creates a 3-dimensional look using permanent makeup. This is a great option for those who do not wish to undergo skin grafting and more surgery.

To improve the appearance of post-surgical scarring around the circumference of the areola, custom matched pigments are infused through the areola outward into the scar tissue to camouflage the scars in a natural-looking way. The waiting period for scars to be camouflaged is 6-12 month period. Only flat, light colored scars can be successfully treated.


Alopecia, Full, or Partial Hair Loss

Those who suffer from Alopecia or other types of hair loss can greatly benefit from a re-pigmentation procedure that produces natural looking eyebrows, lashes, or hair. Thinning hair can be blended with a pigmented hair stroke to create the illusion of fuller hair. Generally, very minor swelling is involved, and the results are immediate.


Paramedical micropigmentation is an art that should only be entrusted to professionals with extensive experience and positive reviews. If you are considering any of the procedures above, permanent eyebrows, permanent eyeliner, or any other type of permanent makeup, we welcome you to give us a call at (647) 883-6251 today.

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  1. Hi, I was wondering if you do tattoos under the eye for dark circles?
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello Khristina, Please schedule your consultation appointment to discuss the options. Thank you , Yelena Popova, CPCP Nova Line Permanent Cosmetics
  2. Hi, Do you have a course for tattooing stretch marks?
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello, we have Scar/Stretch Camouflage training scheduled for May 31st. If you are interested please email to:
  3. Hello I am a 22 year old student and I am currently saving up to do a stretch marks removal treatment. I have them on my thighs, breasts, calves and stomach. I would love to do this at permanent cosmetics clinic, but i need to know an approximate cost estimate of the treatment before i come in for a consultation. Kindly reply with a comment or email. Thank you
  4. I was wondering what your price range is for scar camouflage? I have a scar around my areola
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello, We have to see the area to give an estimate. Please email us at: Thank you, Nova Line Permanent Cosmetics
  5. Hi do you fill in stretch marks? I have some unsightly marks on my stomach that have only minimally been helped by collagen stimulating laser.
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello, yes, we do that service. You need to contact us by email for more details. Best regards, Yelena
  6. I want to remove my permanent lip makeup,could you do that?
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello, Please send the picture of your lip makeup to: Thank you, Yelena Popova
  7. Hi- do you cover port wine birthmarks?
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello, Unfortunately it’s not possible to cover port wine birth marks. We normally camouflage lighter areas but not the darker ones. Best regards, Yelena Popova
  8. Hi!! I had a few scars on my stomach from previous surgery and just got a tummy tuck :( the scar is very prominent but the tummy tuck im not so concerned about but my stomach I am as it makes me super uncomfortable to wear anything cropped :( I was wondering where the cost approx of doing a cover up for these tattoos and if it’s something you can help me with! I was considering lasers etc bht I just feel it’ll make it worse :( I thought I was stuck with this until I saw what you do!!! Thank you Char.
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. Please send me the pictures of the scar area to be camouflaged to: Thank you, Yelena Popova, CPCP
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello, Please email me at with a pictures of the are to be camouflaged. Thank you, Yelena Popova, CPCP
  9. Looking for consultation appointment please
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello, Please email me at Thank you, Yelena Popova

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