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Our expert team at Novaline Permanent Makeup flawlessly enhances your lips, creating a fuller, more sensual look. Permanent lip color can correct and contour the shape, size, and colour of your lips, as well as camouflage any scars or other anomalies such as cleft lip.

Permanent lip tattoo also helps prevent lipstick from bleeding and minimizes the appearance of fine lines. This amazing permanent makeup technique means you no longer need to worry about colour coming off when you eat, drink, kiss, play sports, or sleep.

Lip liner is the most simple lip tattoo procedure, gaining popularity over two decades ago. While they are now less requested due to fashion and style changes, many women still have this procedure to gain simple lip definition or correct asymmetries.

In some cases, simple lip liner isn't quite enough, especially when lip shape adjustments are made or the artists goes outside the natural lip contour. In these situations, lip blending or full lip colour is recommended to make them look perfect.

The current most popular lip permanent makeup procedures include full lip colour, lip blush, and nude lips.

Full lip colour can be done in a variety of colours from very natural looking nude to bright, intense, and vivid shades. It creates the look of lipstick and can be used with a lip gloss or lip balm to make your lips even more plump and irresistable!

Lip blush and nude lip tattoos are new trends in permanent makeup. They are suitable for any age and create a very subtle natural look that is as close as possible to your natural lip colour to create a youthful appearance. It's important to note that the lighter the shade you choose, the more frequently you may need touch up sessions to maintain your look.

All lip procedures are done after the precise pre-drawing to make any shape adjustments like asymmetry corrections or size changes. Skin abnormalities, discolorations, contour loss, and scarring in the area will be taken into account and can be corrected/covered during the treatment as well.

There are some important things you need to know when considering a lip tattoo procedure:

  • Those with darker skin tones and hyperpigmented lips are not good candidates for lip procedures due to the high risk of a post-procedure hyperpigmentation reaction. While it may not be recommended, expert artists may still be willing to do the procedure, spreading it out over multiple sessions to ensure success.
  • Those who are prone to cold sores on their lips may be required to take preventative anti-viral medication in order to get the procedure done. This is for the safety of the client to ensure they heal properly and don't have an outbreak.

After the procedure, it generally takes 4-5 days for the lips to peel off. At first they may look dry and chapped, but will restore within a few days.

If you have any questions about lip liner, permanent eyebrow tattoo, permanent eyeliner, or any of our other procedures, we welcome you to call us anytime at (647) 883-6251.

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  1. Hello Can you please provide me some information on lip tatooing. I need to know the following: How long does the process take? Hours of operation? How long does it last? Price? Any additional information will be greatly appreciated
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello, Thank you for your inquiry for permanent lip procedure. Any permanent makeup procedure starts from the drawing to choose the perfect shape for your lips. To make the procedure comfortable the local anaesthetic is applied. We use the best on the market product and the newest techniques. The procedure takes 2 hours.The color lasts years, just fade with a time due to natural rejuvenation process.The price for the lip procedure is $650.00 for now. If you have any question, please contact via email:
    • Hi, I have some discoloration under my bottom lip due to scarring from fordcyde spots. There is also a small blood vessel spot making it look much worse. It bothers me everyday. I'm afraid to make things worse with tattooing but don't kno what else to do. Can you help? Thanks
      • Yelena Popova
        Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. I would be happy to help you! Please sent me the picture of your lips and discilorated spot or schedule the consultation appointment. Our phone number: 647-883-6251. Best regards, Yelena Popova
      • Hi. I would like to enquirer about permanent lip makeup
        • Yelena Popova
          Hello, Yes, we do lip blush tattooing. Please contact us by email at for more details. Best regards, Yelena Popova
  2. Hi, i would like to ask detail about lip tattoo procedure. How long is the healing process and how long is the procedure. Do i have to comeback for touch up? When the earliest i can book next week?
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello Jane, The procedure lasts about 2,5 hours, the healing time is one month. There is no downtime. Please call to book an appointment. Best regards, Yelena Popova, CPCP
  3. does lip tinting have side effects? is it carcenogenic? what dye is used in tattoo? n how much does it hurt post the procedure?
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello, There are some contraindications for lip procedure as well as for any tattoo or cosmetics tattooing. Some of contraindications is hyper pigmentation of your natural lip colour. I ask my clients to email the picture of the lips first to decide if they can get the procedure done. Then we can discuss other details. The pigment used is professional top of the line, hypo allergenic product. All colours are customized for every client. The procedure is not really painful and the area a little bit sensitive on a first day only. If you have more questions please email to: Thank you and best regards, Yelena Popova, CPCP Nova Line Permanent Cosmetics 647-883-6251
  4. Hi, im only interested in lip lining so my lips are defined better. I dont want the whole lip filled in. This means i also want to ensure the exact color of the interior of my lip can be the lining color. How much is the lip liner procedure? How effective are you at ensuring color matching?
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello Tracey, Based on my extensive experience in a lip tattooing and knowledge of the skin tones and pigmentation, colour analisis and artistic skills I am able to match your natural lip color. But you have to accept that there is no 100% guarantee can be given due to the nature of the procedure, healing process and aftercare provided. The cost of the procedure is $450. If you have more questions feel free to ask or schedule a free consultation appointment to discuss your options and concerns in details. Best regards, Yelena Popova, CPCP Founder, Certified Permanent Makeup Professional
  5. Hi, I had full lips tattoo a few years ago and the colour looks uneven and too dark. I would like it to be removed. Can you provide information such as how long is the process, price, time of recovery, how hurt does the procedure (my initial tattoo was really hurt. I am scared now) Can I book a consultation tomorrow Jul 30, anytime? Thanks in advance for your response! Tina
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello Tina, The price and time needed for removal depends on the area to be removed-full lips, parts or lip liner. Topical numbing cream applied to the lips to make procedure comfortable. The recovery time is about a week. Please email me to schedule a consultation and send me picture of your lips to: Thank you, Yelena
  6. First of all you do an amazing job l got my lips tattooed outlined that is but what l really wanted was fuller lips and permanent color instead l ended up with a mess l don’t know if it can be fixed plus l am in Houston Texas can you help me
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. Could you please send me a picture of your lips to: I will respond you I soon as I get the picture. Thank you, Yelena Popova, CPCP
  7. Hi, It has been a while since am considering to get a full lips tattoo.Am a bit reluctant as i have dark lips.I read your post about hyperpigmentation which may occur after procedure.When you repeat the procedure over several sessions,do you finally get the desired result?Am asking because i did one 5 years ago and my lips turned really dark.I did not go for the touch-up session which was scheduled after one month as i was afraid and was not aware of hyperpigmentation that may occur.I thought that the job was not done correctly.Thank you for answer!
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. I recommend to book a consultation to discuss your options. Best regards, Yelena Popova, CPCP
  8. Hi my name is Josie I am looking at getting my lips re-done I originally had them done by Tina Davis years ago and I was very happy Understand from Tina that you are very good as well. Was wondering if I can book an appointment with you to have a consultation. My available times are: Fri Jan 11-2019 prefer morning Mon Jan 14-2019 after 2:00pm please let me know if any of dates work for you Can you also tell me the cost of the lips and eye brows please Josie
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello Josie, I can book your consultation appointment on Friday, January 11 at 11:00am. The cost of Lip procedure is $650 and Eyebrows $550. You will get 10% off if both procedures done at one time. Best regards, Yelena Popova, CPCP
  9. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the great work. The meticulous effort in your work is second to none. Yelena you are a true artist and professional.
    • Yelena Popova
      Thank you very much Silvana! I appreciate your generous comment! Best regards, Yelena Popova, CPCP
  10. Your comment*I'd like to know how much your lip course is akd or full lips, eyes ,cheeks all together or individual pls thnx
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. Please email me directly to get the details. Thank you, Yelena Popova, CPCP Nova Line Permanent Cosmetics
  11. Hi there, I would like to set up a consultation for lip blushing and eyeliner lash enhancement and shadow eye liner. Please let me know total cost and next available appointment. Thank you
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. I have the earliest availability on January 2-4 for your consultation. The cost can be discussed at the consultation and depends on the chosen procedures and design. Best regards, Yelena Popova, CPCP Nova Line Permanent Cosmetics
  12. Hi, I would like some difference between lip blush and permanent lip tattooing? Can I get lip liner for both??
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello, Lip blush it’s a color inside your natural lip shape. Full lip color is a lip color applied in purpose of lip’s shape correction or symmetry adjustment. Lip liner is a possible combination in both cases. Best regards, Yelena Popova, CPCP
  13. Hello I have been thinking of getting lip blushing done. But I’m really scared about the results. I have really dark lips and literally just want to correct the color and get the most natural look as possible. I don’t want them defined or looking any bigger than they already are. Is this possible?
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello, You can send the photo of your lips taken with a good lighting which shows real skin and lip color. If the skin/ lip color on a picture will be different from your real skin color/tone we recommend to see you in person to decide if the lip blush procedure will be possible on your dark lips. Best regards, Yelena Popova, CPCP
  14. Hi, How much is permanent lip liner procedure cost?
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. The cost of lip procedure are from $550. Best regards, Yelena Popova
  15. Hello, Is your lip blush service similar to the “Russian lips” technique used in Europe? I am looking for a subtle enhancement of my lip line and a fuller look without the lip colour part. Does that mean I need lip liner and lip blush? If yes, how much does the total procedure cost and how many treatments are recommended? Thx!!!
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello, Yes, we use Russian and latest European lip techniques, very soft and natural looking, unlimited palette and custom blend colour available. I will contact you by email to provide more details. Best regards, Yelena Popova
      • Hi, I am interested in getting info about permanent lips Jacky
        • Yelena Popova
          Hello, Please contact me at (647) 883-6251 to get more information. Thank you, Yelena Popova
  16. Hello where are you located and how much do you charge for a cleft lip rebalance and coloring?
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello, we are located at #9B1-43, 7378 Yonge street, Thornhill. The cost of full lip colour and cleft lip reconstruction is $800. Please contact me directly to discuss the details. Regards, Yelena Popova, CPCP

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