Eyebrows Permanent Makeup

Nicely shaped and prominent eyebrows change the entire look of your face, giving a more youthful appearance that can simulate an eyelift! Permanent eyebrow tattoo started gaining in popularity, as well as credibility, when doctors in the 1980's began providing this service to those with facial hair loss, specifically from a condition called alopecia.

From the 1980's through the 2000's, permanent eyebrow tattoo was mostly applied in the same way a tattoo would be done and was not as precise and natural looking as it is today. Through the years, the equipment and technical skills honed by professional artists have transformed this procedure into a true work of art, with delicate and meticulous strokes that can create the look of authentic eyebrows in a variety of colours and shades.


Choosing a Colour

As a rule of thumb, it is generally recommended to choose a colour 1-2 shades lighter than your hair colour. If you frequently change your hair colour, your artist can recommend the best blended colour. It may be advisable to just pencil your eyebrow colour over if your hair colour is likely to be temporary.

For those with very little eyebrows, an artist will generally utilize two shades to create a more natural hair look.


Shaping your Brows

Eyebrows can drastically change the appearance of one's face, and play a part in how we express emotion. Therefore, it is crucial that the shape of your eyebrows suit your face and are scrupulously crafted.

Generally, it is recommended for the eyebrow to begin above the inner corner of the eye, but this can be difficult if your face is not perfectly symmetrical (as most are not). If this is the case, you can create symmetrical brows by placing a dot above the centre of the nose bridge and measuring from each side to ensure they are even. Eyebrows should be a bit thicker at the beginning and taper in slightly towards the arch, tapering more to the end.

If someone raises their brow often, they should be drawn evenly in the relaxed position to ensure they are correctly placed. If a person keeps the same brow raised almost all of the time, that side can be drawn a bit lower and flatter.

If you decide to draw your eyebrows yourself before your permanent makeup appointment, do so many hours before so you can check them prior to going in to make sure they are perfect. If you would prefer your artist draw them for you, generally they will instruct you to relax your forehead while looking at the floor, keeping your head straight. It's imperative that the muscles are completely relaxed, otherwise, your brows may look uneven when you make certain expressions.



Skilled artists can use an array of techniques to create their client's desired look.

Feathering eyebrows or Nano brows: two names for one technique done with a nano aka macro needle to create the realistic look of hair. This process creates dimension, allowing for a natural look that truly simulates impeccably sculpted eyebrows.

Powder or Ombré eyebrows are done using a soft shading technique with a nano or macro needle to create a soft veil of colour on the skin. This procedure imitates the powdered makeup look. When healed, it looks absolutely beautiful and suits any lady's face.

3D eyebrow designs are a combination of 2-3 colours, utilizing powder and hair strokes to give a very full, realistic look. It is great for those seeking more definition, as well as colour correction or eyebrow reconstruction when missing a part or the whole eyebrow.

All the techniques above allow for beautiful, natural-looking permanent makeup eyebrows with no damage to the skin when done by a skilled professional. Our expert will help you to decide which type of eyebrow technique, shape and color to choose from  according to your skin type and conditions during the consultation appointment. During this time, you will also discuss any previously done eyebrow tattoos so they can perform your procedure with the optimal results. After all decisions are made, your artist will do a precise drawing of the eyebrow shape so you can see exactly what they will look like before they begin. Be sure to choose the right professional who has years of experience and the specialized, "secret" knowledge of each procedure to ensure you get the best results! We welcome you to give us a call to schedule a consultation at (647) 883-6251.

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  1. Hi, Please let me know the price range for eyebrow permanent makeup and full face permanent make up. Regards, Linda
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello Linda, Thank you for you inquiry. You can find all prices information here: https://www.novalinepermanentcosmetics.ca/prices/ Best regards, Yelena
    • I have very very thin light eyebrows, hardly anything left on the edges. What is involved in dealing with this and how much does it cost.
      • Yelena Popova
        Hello We can create the nice new ones,improving color and the shape. The cost is $550. Besr regards, Yelena
  2. Hi I would like to know all my eyebrows fell out refuse to grow I have a thyroid Problem for the past 20 years do u think my eyebrows can be done just don't want it to look fake let me know
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello, I use the newest techniques to make my client eyebrows look perfect. Best regards, Yelena
  3. Do you use anesthesia? I can't stand the pain of the needles
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello, Yes, I use the best on the market professional topical anaesthetics to make you feel comfortable.
  4. How long does the eyebrow tattoos last ? How much is the full & touch up prices ?
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello Arya, The procedure lasts 2 hours. The price for eyebrows procedure for now is $450, the touchup is $50 withing 3 month after procedure. Best regards, Yelena
  5. Hi Yelena, I had the feathering technique done on my eyebrows many years ago and the colour is almost gone. I am interested in having it done again. I am going out of the country for 3 months, so I should probably wait until I get back in March to do the procedure. I also want to find out about the smokey eyeliner. Will the pricing change in March, or could I book it now and get the present pricing?
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello, I advice you to book now to hold the price. You can have your eyebrows done before your trip to get them look nice. Best regards, Yelena
  6. I'm looking for a price range in eyebrows plz
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello Michelle, Thank you for contacting me and your intrest in permanent makeup. The special price on eyebrows for the month of December is $450.00 tax included. You can visit my website to check all prices: https://www.novalinepermanentcosmetics.ca/prices/ Best regards, Yelena Popova
  7. Hi I leave for vacation for 7 weeks Jan 30th 2016. I would love to come and have my eyebrows done the same daily I come for consultation if your price is still $450 including tax. Thankyou in advance
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello, Yes price is still $450 incl taxes till March 15th.
  8. Just booked my appointment with Yelena for my eyebrows, very excited
    • Yelena Popova
      Thank you for booking. See you soon. I am excited and happy to help you! Yelena Popova
  9. Hello, please advice price of permanent eyebrows and where you are located...thanks
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello, the wintr season special price for permanent eyebrows is $450 tax included and will last till March 15th. We are lokated at #3,4646 Dufferin Street, Toronto
  10. Hi, Does permanent makeup means forever? Or will it go away eventually. If so how long it stays? Thanks
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello, permanent makeup lasts years, just lightens with the time. Colour boost recommended every 2 years.
  11. Hi, I 'm interested to have my eyebrows done . Is the price still $450 including tax? If so, when can I come for consultation?
    • Yelena Popova
      Thank you for your interest. As you can see on the PRICE page of my website the price is $550. I decided to extend this summer special price till November 1st. You can call me to schedule your consultation appointment at 647-883-6251. Best regards, Yelena Popova
  12. Hello, I would like to book an appointment to have my eyebrows done. Do you have anything available for March 22nd? I know it's short notice but I just found your site and think your work is incredible. Thank you, Have a wonderful day Amanda 289-200-9282
    • Yelena Popova
      Thank you for your booking Amanda and see you soon! Best regards, Yelena Popova
  13. Hello There, I would like to have my eye brows done before my vacation in September 01st. Can I have your phone number and I would like to talk to you.Please send the info. to my email. thanks
  14. Hi I cant found your tell for booking
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. Our phone number is 647-883-6251. Best regards, Nova Line Permanent Cosmetics
  15. Hi Yelena, I like your work very much..I have question: do you aplly the modifier in the main procedure or when they come for touch up ? My brows turned pink before and after the touch up.. Thank you very much for your answer... cami
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello, Thank you for contacting me. Where and when your eyebrows have been done? I also appreciate if you email me a picture of your eyebrows to novalinepermanentcosmetics@gmail.com I can correct your pink brows with no problem. I always create custom blend of pigments to prevent turning to unnatural colors based on the client's individual skin pigmentation and on colour of the existing tattoo. Best regards, Yelena Popova
  16. August 12, 2017 Hello Yelena, I had my 1st micro blading last month, July 1st, 2017. I am now due for the 2nd touch up, August 15th, 2017. My spa only offers micro blading so I would like to switch to your expertise for all my other beauty needs as follows: - 2nd touch up micro blading after 6 weeks - eyeliner - lip liner When can you provide me an appointment? How many appointments? How much will you charge me for all three (3) services? Thanking you in advance, Rosemarie
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello Rosemarie, Could you please contact me via email: novalinepermanentcosmetics@gmail.com I would be happy to answer all your questions. Best regards, Yelena
  17. I had my eyebrow tattoo done by Yelena last June 30 /17 . I have researched a lot for a cosmetic tattoo artist in Toronto , and I'm happy I chose Yelena of Novaline . Reading all this praises form satisfied clients are all TRUE ! Yelena is an Excellent Choice if you want permanent makeup done . She's very professional , an absolute perfectionist. I highly recommend Yelena for those who want permanent make up Thank you so much Yelena for a perfect eyebrow !! More power to you and Novaline
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello Maria, Thank you for choosing me as your permanent makeup artist! I am so pleased getting this review! I will be very happy to see you again any time you need my professional help!!! Best regards, Yelena Popova, CPCP Nova Line Permanent Cosmetics www.novalinepermanentcosmetics.ca 647-883-6251
  18. Hi Yelena, according to your opinion and experience, which technique is better for almost non-existent eyebrows microblading or nano brow. Thanks
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello Ema, I recommend Nano brows or Feathering technique which is more gentle procedure and natural looking colour lasts 2-3 years. Best regards, Yelena Popova, CPCP
  19. Hi, where are you located? I am interested in microblading and organic permanent makeup for eyebrows only? Do you offer that certification? And how much would it cost? Thanks, Lisa Bentivoglio
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello Lisa, I don't teach microblading. All info regarding the training can be found on the Training page. Best regards, Yelena Popova, CPCP
  20. Hi, I have full tattooed eyebrows now. Got them done 2 years ago, and would like to darken them now. How much would that be? And also was wondering if we can still do microblading( the one that looks like actual hair) on mine since I have no hair at all Thank you, Nikki
  21. Hello I am looking to get permanent tattooing for eyebrows I have done micro blading before however it doesn’t seem to work on me at fades within months and leaves me with nothing wondering what your suggestions would be and what the cost would be thank you
    • Yelena Popova
      Hello Kelly, Yes, it’s possible to correct in soft shading technique only. Please contact me to schedule your consultation or procedure appointment at (647) 883-6251 or email to: novalinepermanentcosmetics@gmail.com Thank you, Yelena Popova, CPCP

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