Toronto Permanent Makeup Testimonials

Feathered eyebrows
Upper and lower eyeliner
Full lip colour and lip liner


It is obvious, Yelena is a professional in all aspects of the process. She takes her time and meticulously drafts what she is going to do; no shortcuts were taken and she does not rush through any part. Steps are always taken to ensure a sanitary and clean environment and application.


Yelena was always on time.


Although her studio is small, it is immaculate and totally served the purpose. Why pay for expensive decor when it does not contribute to the final result?


Yelena was very pleasant to deal with; she was courteous and respectful. She is very clean, neat, organized, sensitive to her client’s feelings and needs and an artist who is meticulous in achieving the best result.


I absolutely love my permanent makeup. I get up in the morning and don’t have to spend half an hour trying to get my eyebrows symmetrical. I don’t have to worry about my eyeliner smearing or fading and my lips have a lovely natural colour. Why didn’t I do this 30 years ago???


I checked several places, and Novaline Permanent Cosmetics gave me a very reasonable estimate and there were no surprise additional costs to the estimated figure.


Absolutely….. don’t waste your time with anyone else!!! Two of my friends have already gone and had some work done.

Angela Grande, July 3, 2014

I am a single mother with two children. I work as a high demanded professional in Financial industry where time is consuming. My appearance and outlook is very important to me. I used to spend hour to put makeup on and I realized that I have to cut it down. My previous permanent makeup had faded away. I have been trying to find the right makeup artist for the last 7 years, I met numbers of them but none of them had fulfilled what I have been looking for (as I am a perfectionist, precise and meticulous person) until 5 weeks ago I found this lady through constant search engine; Google; Kijiji, she was one of the artists I spoke to. I met her in person to see the authenticity of her artworks as we know to trust an artist to work on our face is kind of win win situation. She has done an amazing job for my eyebrow, lip liner and full lip which previously my eyebrow and upper lip was featureless, no vivid line with pale complexion, The way she did it, look perfectly natural. That's what I mean, "she has a magical hand". The way she applies color is very articular, her hand sketching is very symmetrical and her hand motion of stroking needle is flawless, she is an expert of what she does. Thank you very much Yelena, for your magical hand, for saving my time doing less makeup, for regaining my confidence and for painless procedures (slightly discomfort at first). You are a true artist that everyone must acknowledge your amazing artwork. All they need is a true statement. No permanent makeup artist has ever fulfilled my dream until I saw the result of your magical hand. I will be definitely recommending you to anybody who needs your magical hand. As my appreciation to you, you have all the priviledge of using my before and after pictures to be shown to your future clients, individually please. May your passion toward your artistic hand will lead you to a great success in the near future and may God speaks through His blessing toward the great talent He granted to you. Note: I am not an easy person to give a feedback or to recommend others to benefit this lady's expertise unless she deserves of the great things she does.

Ana Pratine, Oct 2013

Hi Yelena,
Here is a little Thank you note for your amazing work on my eyebrows.
Firstly, I visited your clinic to get a beauty mark (mole) done next to my lips, and for different reasons you advised me otherwise.
Secondly, you noticed that my eyebrows weren't even and I requested you to fix them… so you did!
And I am very very happy, I had them done last week and 4 people already requested your phone number because they look perfect.
So a big thank you for all these long hours you spent working on my face and I wish you all the best 🙂

Faiza, Mar 2015

Was referred to Elena by a friend and did not regret it at all. Having done permanent make up for the first time in my life, it was important for me to get into hands of a person who would be able to see what suits me best. And Elena delivered it all. It was exactly what I was looking for: she is a great artist, knows which colours to use, takes her time to do the job perfectly, clean environment, made sure I was comfortable with the procedure. Very happy with the results!! My suggestion is look no further!

Ksusha Nenasheva, Apr 2014

Dear Yelena, I still feel so mad for NOT HAVING MET YOU before! To say that I AM HAPPY with my new eyebrows is an understatement. But let me tell you something, I went to two places before... At Finch, I was super excited because of the idea of having my brows (and lips) look well for the first time. It should have been better particularly after the amount of money I spent. My brows looked asymmetrical and my lips were not fully touched-up the second time I went there. At Whitby, it was even worse since the professional knew about previous issues. It was frustrating because I still think that she did not understand the reason I went there for, even after I still needed to pencil the brows in everyday. What a waste of money, time and energy afterwards. Moreover, all this experience brought me complications between my husband and I because I had messed up with our money and I was still not satisfied. Bottom line: The results are not good, there is no money left and I need my brows to be fixed. I finally looked up Novaline Permanent Cosmetics and made an appointment. I have got to say, you are the most professional I have been to for this procedure. You recognized and understood my issues which made me feel that I was in good hands. You also made me believe that is possible to have wonderful brows even though you had to correct them which was not easy. I came in already for the touch-up and it still feels right. Thank you I feel more confident now and thank God there is no need to pencil my eyebrows in anymore. I cannot recommend you enough! Great Job!

Paula Pereira, Apr 2014

I considered getting permanent makeup for 14 years but was very skeptical for various reasons. The artist is absolutely amazing at her work and so patient/calm. The place seems very hygienic and professionally maintained. She was careful to keep reapplying topical anesthetics as she worked, so the procedure was way less painful than I imagined.

Client, January 02, 2013

Good place, professional very competent.

Client, February 09, 2013

Very professional services so I felt comfortable and confident

Client, March 12, 2013

Thank you very much for the lip liner procedure. I am very happy with the result.

Client, March 15, 2013

The service provider had an excellent customer service.

Client, March 21, 2013

Pleasant person to deal with and she did a great job on my eyebrows.

Client, March 25, 2013

My experience with Yelena was terrific. She is professional, experienced, and pays attention to detail, which is important with permanent make-up application. Her facility is clean and her techniques are quite sanitary. I am very happy with the finished result, and would recommend her to anyone! I already get many compliments on how well my permanent upper and lower eyeliner turned out! A great investment!

R.W. , May 2013