Permanent Makeup Gallery

Beauty is not just gauged on a physical level


Check out our before and after permanent makeup gallery to view some of our work done by Novaline Permanent Cosmetics. We take pride in delivering the look our clients want with the most natural effect as possible. Nova Line Permanent Cosmetics is dedicated to providing professional, safe, and beautiful permanent makeup services to the GTA.

Often described as the #1 permanent makeup specialist in Toronto and Canada, Yelena Popova is the highly-trained owner and operator of this well-known establishment, with 20 years of experience in the industry. Nova Line Permanent Cosmetics uses its own techniques that no other professionals use, ensuring each client's experience is customized to suit their exact needs and tastes. Yelena and her staff are diligent in practicing clinical procedures to avoid infections and only uses the top-of-the-line equipment and products.

These photos are snapshots of individuals who have received permanent makeup, tattoo removal or other procedures. When you view the photos you will notice various eyebrow shapes and eyeliner styles. We typically design brows to enhance the individual's facial features, but keep in mind personal preference and approval is required to proceed with the procedure.