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Licensed, Board Certified Permanent Makeup Professional


About permanent makeup Professional

One of the most talented and experienced permanent makeup artists in Canada, Yelena Popova has worked extensively in the film industry, where she developed her creativity and precision. She graduated with honours from a Performing Arts college and worked as a makeup artist and cosmetologist before finding her passion in permanent makeup artistry in 1998. Yelena is one of the very few professionals in Canada that has a CPCP designation being certified by SPCP (Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals). These designations allow her to provide top-of-the-line services through her company Nova Line Permanent Cosmetics in Toronto.

Permanent Makeup is a fast growing industry, with frequent new technologies, designs, equipment, and products. As a dedicated permanent makeup professional, Yelena ensures she is up-to-date on the latest and best practices by attending advanced workshops and master classes from the world’s leading permanent makeup instructors. She has dedicated her life to the beauty industry, becoming a trusted expert and teacher of this unique craft that requires meticulous artistry.

A specialist herself, Yelena has also developed her own techniques to ensure a completely customized and ideal experience for her clients. She is passionate about helping her clients feel beautiful and confident by obtaining the hassle-free and ideal look of permanent makeup. As a perfectionist, Yelena does not consider her work complete until both she and her client are completely satisfied with the results.

After thousands of procedures as a Certified Permanent Cosmetics Professional, Yelena began providing hands-on training sessions for beginners as well as professionals who are looking to upgrade their skills. Individual or small groups training allows her to give her students ample support and attention, providing the next generation of artists with the in-depth knowledge and experience they need to deliver high-quality services.

With a large range of permanent makeup services, certifications, an extensive gallery of her work, plus amazing feedback from her clients and students, Yelena Popova is an Artist whom you can trust!



    • College of the Performing Arts, Odessa, Ukraine
      Theater, Film & TV Makeup Artistry,
      Diploma with Honor


    • Swedish School of Beauty, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
      Permanent Makeup Artist, Diploma


    • LKM Beauty International, Toronto, Canada
      Cosmetic Permanent Make-up Artistry


    • Paris School of Applied Aesthetics, Toronto, Canada,
      Skin Care Specialist Certificate


    • Micro-Pigmentation Centre, Missisauga, Canada
      Pat Shibley-Gauthier, Instructor, CPCP
      Advanced Color Theory Workshop
      Color Through the Skin


    • American Academy of Micropigmentation,
      Linda H Dixon MD Techniques, Las Vegas, USA
      Hands On Training, Certificates
      Advanced Eyebrows Techniques, Eyeliner/Eyeshadow, Full lips
      Sloped Needle Techniques
      Advanced training in Paramedical, Areola/ Nipple Restoration, Scar Camouflage
      Microneedling/Collagen Induction Therapy


    • Advanced Permanently Perfect Master classes, Los Angeles, USA
      International industry leading trainers Anna Savina and Tatiana Petraitis, Biotek, Milan
      Advanced Feathering 3D Eyebrows Techniques
      Advanced Butterfly Eyeshadow/Eyeliner Tecniques


    • Cherry Blossom Permanent Makeup Workshop in Washington DC
      Comprehensive workshop in newest permanent makeup techniques provided by industry leading trainers Irina Maximova ( Russia, Moscow), Natalia Zhbanova ( Russia, Moscow), Veera Gorlatova ( USA, Washington DC


    • Pret-a-Porter of Permanent Makeup Conference, Moscow , Russia


    •  Bloodborne Pathogene - Annual Certificate


    • Train the Trainer Program, SPCP, Las Vegas, USA


    • Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional(CPCP)


    • Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals(SPCP) -Member