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Address: Unit: 9B1 - 43 at 7378 Yonge St Vaughan
Telephone: (647) 401-2504

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About Svetlana Krylova

Medical Aesthetician and Permanent Makeup Artist
From a young age, Svetlana always had an interest and love for makeup and healthy, beautiful skin. A passion that is now an ongoing career! Svetlana has an Honours Diploma in Medical Aesthetics along with a Certificate in Permanent Makeup. By combining the two specialties, Svetlana is able to cater to more clients in this growing industry by focusing on the skin's health, anti-aging and perfecting the existent beauty of each client. Education, Personalization and Human Touch are amongst the many that hold an important meaning to Svetlana. Educating the clients about skincare and the healing process leads to professional treatment results and happy clientele. Her professionalism, strong customer service and interpersonal skills are backed by over ten years of experience in retail industry. With an extensive knowledge of skincare products and services as she has worked with leading professional skincare lines such as Biotherm, Clarins, Lancome, Avene, LA Roche Posey, Jouvience to name a few, Svetlana is a Certified Dermalogica Expert. To keep herself updated with the modern trends in the industry, Svetlana is always a keen participant in various skincare seminars and workshops.


Canadian Beauty College, Newmarket, Canada
Medical Aesthetics (MA) Diploma with Honours
Curriculum- Skincare I & II, Laser, Chemical & Mechanical Exfoliation, Introduction to Botox & Fillers, Body Treatments, Hair Removal Techniques, Manicure & Pedicure, Make up, Medical Spa Operations, Consultative Sales, Interpersonal Skills and Clinic

Novaline Permanent Cosmetics, Vaughan, Canada
Permanent Makeup Artistry (PMU) Certificate
Curriculum- Soft Shading/Powder Eyebrows (Nano/Ombre Style), Hair-Stroke Eyebrows (Feathering Technique), Soft Shading and Crispy Eyeliner Technique, Eyelash Enhancement, Soft Shading Lips (Watercolor Effect), Full Lip Color and Lip Liner

International Dermal Institute, Toronto, Canada
Dermalogica Certified (DC) Certificate
Curriculum- Dermalogica D.N.A- Discover Top Sellers, Navigate Targeted Products, Achieve Professional Results